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 Log In article, post date: 2007-03-25

Dating Armenians in the Modern Age

In spite of the turbulent past and deep unrest our community has passed through, the Armenians' indomitable spirit has reached out from the squalor and sadness through the Internet. Many times disrupted by the havoc war and tragedy, young people still find time and zest for living.

With the creation of ArmenianMatch, an Online dating community made by Armenians, for Armenians, it is easier than ever for Armenians to meet and create a meaningful relationship with their Armenian soul mate. What was previously the job of friends and relatives, i.e. to get two eligible people know each other in hope that they will marry, is done by the dating services; and it is doing a great job.

On, you can meet Armenian singles in your area through photos, and easy to use Quick search. The search feature lets the members know ahead of time if someone is a match, be it a criteria to meet Armenians originally from a certain part of the world or with Eastern or Western Armenian language background. With a free Membership of One Year, it makes sense to join Discover the joys of online dating, fall in love and uphold the vision by marrying an Armenian!

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